Lou Cassara is a dynamic and credible speaker on relational selling in today’s market.

He brings his professional experience and business acumen to his audience and delivers timely concepts, tools and applications that can have an immediate impact with your sales team.

A New Vision for Your Business:

How to Attract Quality Clients and Differentiate Yourself in Today’s Competitive Market

Lou shares with your audience the mindset and skill sets he has learned about the art of client creation. He provides real time applications on how you can eliminate relationship landmines and convert them to relationship gold mines that will help you attract, connect and commit to significant client relationships. This keynote brings to life the powerful concepts, tools and processes from Lou’s best selling sales book, From Selling to Serving – The Essence of Client Creation.

The Anatomy of a Case:

From Discovery to Delivery

Lou shares with your audience how to capture the “case of your career.” He walks you through his entire client creation process from discovery and meeting the client, until the successful completion and implementing the final plan design. This is done in a real time format that includes current case studies and the use of a world-class faculty to present the concepts, tools and applications.

The Mindset and Skill Sets of a Champion Advisor

Lou shares with your audience his ten best time-tested, field-proven principles for creating and sustaining top performance. This high energy and thought provoking presentation will challenge you to understand the principles and patterns that champion advisors develop to produce consistent performance and not just imitate the actions of others.

A Different Kind of Hero

Lou shares with your audience the essence of true leadership and how it is not about what you do, it’s what others do because you are there. By raising three powerful questions; Who can you be, How can you serve and When will you begin; Lou challenges you to go into your discomfort because that’s where your greatness lies.

Lou has consistently been chosen as a keynote speaker for World-Class companies for their most important business meetings.