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A New Vision for Your Business Audio Download


Lou shares with you the mindset and skill sets he has learned about the art of client creation. He provides real time applications on how you can eliminate relationship landmines and convert them to relationship gold mines that will help you attract, connect and commit to significant client relationships. This audio download brings to life the powerful concepts, tools and processes from Lou’s best selling sales book, From Selling to Serving: The Essence of Client Creation.

  • Track 1: Introduction
  • Track 2: The Three Biggest Challenges
  • Track 3: The Premise of Your Business
  • Track 4: A Grand Vision
  • Track 5: The Performance Formula
  • Track 6 Authentic Intentions
  • Track 7: Connect Versus Confuse
  • Track 8: CORE Issues
  • Track 9: Empowering Your Vision
  • Track 10: A Story of Commitment
  • Track 11: Call to Action
  • Track 12: For More Information


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