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Commitment Principle


In Module III, “The Commitment Principle,TM” you will be reminded of the value of honoring your agreements, to understand the factors that influence decisions and why people commit. You will be more confident in converting obstacles to opportunities and helping yourself and others align intentions with actions.

Since 1985, I have had the privilege of delivering The Cassara Clinic® to people across the country. I do so because I appreciate and respect who you are and honor the work that you do.

My intention for this workshop is to remind you that leadership is not what you do; it is what others do because you are there. In my Client CreatorTM process, you are your most important client. The journey of building to an authentic mindset and being a first-rate version of yourself begins with the pick-and-shovel work of self reflection. You must understand it is why you do something that empowers you, not how.

In each of the three parts of this process, I will showcase the primary drivers of clarity, confidence and capability that will allow you to attract, connect and commit to significant client relationships. I will share with you the principles and patterns that create and sustain successful achievement, rather than simply ask you to imitate the actions of others. You will then develop an important understanding: All relationships are a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself.

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