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Tools Talk Audio Download


In this real play interaction between Lou and Master Coach Brian Strock, they demonstrate all of the Client Creator™ tools that are showcased in the Client Creator Process™.

The interaction is designed to simulate real world conversations that you soon will have in the field with your prospects and clients.

  • Track 1: Introduction – The Client Creator™ Process
  • Track 2: The First 30 Seconds
  • Track 3: The First Three Minutes
  • Track 4: Company Value Statement
  • Track 5: Process Value Statement
  • Track 6: Communicating CORE™ Benefits
  • Track 7: The Trust Question
  • Track 8: The CORE Conversation: Understanding Client Priorities
  • Track 9: The Intention Transformer: Responding to CORE issues
  • Track 10: The SEE Step: Creating Desire
  • Track 11: The Influence Factor: Strategies for Commitment
  • Track 12: The Q&A Strategy: Converting Obstacles to Opportunities
  • Track 13: Prospecting and Promoting Yourself: Asking for a Critique
  • Track 14: Process Overview: Benefit of the Tools
  • Track 15: Message from Lou


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